The P.A. are holding a Nearly New Uniform Sale this Friday 19th Oct, 3.30-5pm, including lots of branded Winter Coats at £5 each! The PA will also be selling "Sample Stage 2 Test Papers" during this time.

13 Oct - Yr 7 Quiz Night


Encyclopaedic memories were trawled and synapses stretched almost to breaking point by searching questions and baffling conundra posed at the Year 7 Quiz Night run by the PA under the guidance of organiser and Question Master David Mylroi. It was a wonderful opportunity for new parents and pupils to get to know one another (whilst learning - a lot - about an incredibly diverse range of topics). Who would ever have thought that ‘Clint Eastwood’ is a perfect anagram of ‘Old West Action’? On top of all the fun we had, several hundred pounds were raised in support of the school and parents went home with a glittering array of raffle prizes. Heartfelt thanks go to all those involved in the organisation of this splendidly Olavian event. Do please keep your eye out for our next quiz night, later in the year.

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