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9 Nov - Mid Term Concert


Our first concert of the academic year, the Autumn Mid-Term Concert, took place on Thursday 9 November in the St. Olave’s Chapel.  These occasions provide an opportunity for students of any year-group to perform a piece of music to an audience, alongside some of the school’s musical ensembles, in a relaxed and supportive environment.  The standard was again very high and there are too many individuals whose performances are worthy of a mention here for the space available.  A few however deserve special mention: Arunabh sang an empassioned rendition of Pietà, Signore by Stradella, full of lyrical expression and with an impressive handling of the Italian text.  Matias played Nacht am Seestrand by Kashi on the piano, which showed attractive phrasing and an accomplished piano technique. David’s playing was also remarkable in Bozza’s Improvisation et Caprice, a virtuosic work for unaccompanied alto saxophone, where David demonstrated his mastery of the instrument, both in terms of range and dexterity.

The Guitar Ensemble’s The Pink Panther was very enjoyable; it was a treat to hear the seven classical guitars played in well-executed synchrony.  Thanks to the String Ensemble, the melody from The Teddy Bear’s Picnic was lodged firmly in the heads of all audience members!  It was a great pleasure to welcome not one but two viola players and a double bass player to this group.  The Improvisation Ensemble gave their take on Turrentine’s Sugar, featuring an irresistible groove and some charming solos.  Congratulations go to all who took part during the evening, especially to those for whom this was their first concert at St.Olave’s; may this be one of many more to come.


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