30 Jan - German Onatti Theatre Company visit 2018


On Friday 26th January, Year 9 and 10 students of German attended a performance of the play “Hausarrest” by the fabulous Onatti theatre company.  It is about Finn who is in big trouble.  He is grounded by his mother following on from atrocious comments made about his performance at school by his teachers at parents´ evening.  As he is not allowed to leave the house, he decides to invite a girl instead.  However, by a twist of fate, three girls turn up, who obviously must not see each other.  Inevitably, Finn ends up in big trouble in his private life too…  Our students all enjoyed the play, understanding well and further expanding their German vocabulary.  As always, they were all too keen to contribute and did their teachers proud.  Particularly impressive were their ironing skills, alongside their acting and improvisation abilities, and their German pronunciation.


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