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28 Feb - "The Beast from the East" by Olavian Poet Laureate


"The Beast from the East" by Olavian Poet Laureate, Edwin Roberts, Year 11

So did the sere and yellow cut so deep
And hasten your demise, without you asking?
Then take your charms and flitter off to sleep
And leave our chillsome ground that you are masking

The men who fought and died were puckered crisp, 
Brave Owen wrote, one hundred years since have passed
But tell us, snow, are you a will o’th’ wisp
That souls chase through till melting makes at last?

Some stand and sink in shuddering, rooted
In place where hawkish monarchs blossom crowning, 
But mingle still to a tune in silence fluted
By unthrum flakes that sing among their drowning

Your dreams have tossed and blown themselves away
Till all remains is tears that sunder lains through
Though thewless you may lie to grave-struck fray
Your metaphysics shrouds iced chains blue

Yes - chains azure and mauve make blazers bound,
Oh sentence us, great shining stuff, to blizzards
Our weltered eyes, and like our tip-toungued sounds
Make silent our unky graves, our frozen vizards

But, snow, as sun rests lofty looking down, 
Burning you steady and slowly, 
Heaven’s wintry spirit descends all around
- Because today, O snow, you unwittingly set us free.

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