22 March - Perse Coding Team Challenge Triumph


ST OLAVE’S has triumphed the Perse Coding Team Challenge 2018 by achieving the overall high score and 1st rank out of total of 198 teams who took part. 

Many congratulations to Aaditya and Linus  in Year 10 for achieving the highest score of 184 and 1st rank in the Perse Coding Team Challenge 2018. They will receive their first prize money, a check of £60 each. The Perse School Cambridge organised this innovative competition to find the Uk’s top school programming team and is the first time St Olave’s Grammar school has entered into this coding competition. The fantastic results achieved by St Olave’s Grammar school doesn’t only include top rank but also 18 distinctions and 24 merits amongst  our Yr9 and Yr10 teams. 

Even the 'Beast from the East' couldn’t divert Year 9’s attention whilst completing the one-hour coding competition.

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