23 March - St. Paul’s Cray Science Week Visits


Last week teachers and sixth form students journeyed to St. Paul’s Cray Primary School to support them in delivering interactive Science Week activities. This is an annual event which allows primary school students the opportunity to take part in new and engaging practical work and to watch teacher and sixth former demonstrations. It is greatly enjoyed by sixth form students who either aid teachers in running practicals, carry out demonstrations, or encourage small groups of students to extend their Science knowledge by focusing on curriculum-linked topics. Teachers at the primary school were extremely impressed with the knowledge and maturity of our sixth form students, commenting that they were “fantastic” and that primary school students “loved the [Science-based] reading activities” they carried out with them. 
Monday 12th March saw Year 3 students wowed by Mr. Clegg’s lesson on Light and Shadows in which they completed a variety of tasks, culminating in an investigation into how distance of the light source affected the shadow formed. Tuesday’s lesson to Year 4 was delivered by Dr. Bradley and focused on Diet and Nutrition. On Wednesday Miss. Bishop led Year 5 students through a variety of practicals and demonstrations focusing on States of Matter and Solutions. An appreciative St. Paul’s Cray Year 5 teacher commented that Miss. Bishop’s lesson had provided her with examples she could use in her Science lessons for the rest of the year! We look forward to repeating these rewarding trips next year. 


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