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26 March - Mid term and Easter Concert


The Music Department has had a busy term presenting two concerts this term

The Spring Mid-Term Concert on Thursday 8 March featured a charming variety of solo and ensemble performances from students from across the age-range.  The Improvising Jazz Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble and Intermediate Strings entertained the audience with contrasting items; these effectively highlighted the many benefits of performing as part of one of the Music Department groups.  The solos were just as diverse and well-prepared, with particularly stylish offerings from Ben (piano), Arunabh (voice), Daryl (guitar) and Felix (saxophone).  It is always an impressive achievement when students perform in front of an audience; though there were too many lovely moments during the evening to mention all of the students by name, each student who performed truly deserves congratulations for their individual contributions.

Two weeks later, the Easter Concert, the Music Department’s second largest showcase of the year, took place on Thursday 22 March, featuring a variety of ensembles and soloists.  The Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir, Brass Band, Jazz Band and Chamber Orchestra are all now long-established ensembles, performed here as they have at every major concert for the last ten years and more.  The Symphonic Wind Band, which reformed at the beginning of the academic year under the direction of Miss Reardon, gave entertaining renditions of film music favourites and is now a regular member of the Olavian musical community.  Year 13 leavers Poppy and Eric and Year 10 tenor Arunabh all performed solos with great style and flair.  Peccadillo, a jazz-influenced band of Year 13 students also provided enjoyable items for our audience.  Our students’ strength in woodwind playing was typified by a newly-formed Saxophone Quartet and the Staff Band, which has been gathering momentum over the last 18 months, demonstrated that enjoyment of music-making continues beyond our own school days.  We hope that these groups will all be back at future events.  My thanks and congratulations go to all who took part in what was an evening of high-quality musical entertainment.


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