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7 November - Artists visit Berlin


Berlin's turbulent past has fuelled a highly creative Art scene and this cultural capital made the ideal location for the annual Art department trip.  A tour of the city’s stunning architecture ended at the poignant Holocaust Memorial, where students walked among the huge stone slabs arranged in an undulating  maze  formation.  Naturally, they visited many galleries, including the New National, the Pergamon and the Kunsthalle Deutschbank, with works ranging from German natives such as Anselm Kiefer and Gerhard Richter to crowd pleasing Pop Art from Andy Warhol.  A trip to the stereotypical glass structures of British architect, Norman Foster, at the Reichstag gave great views of the city before a visit to the East Side Gallery - a 1km long wall covered in street art.  Students gained plenty of inspiration for future projects and we look forward to the exciting work they will create.

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