11 May - Eton Fives success


Well done to our Fives players who have continued to achieve enormous success recently. Congratulations to James Tate and Kieran Walton who won the Eton Fives Open Competition. They played brilliantly in what was a close contest; always managing to raise their game in the most dangerous moments. James and Kieran worked solidly for over two hours, eventually winning the match 3-1. To complete the Season, the Seniors won the 3-pair Open Team Nationals. Our squad consisted of Devashish Ujoodia, Charles Stocks, Prajeeth Sathiyamoorthy, Kieran Walton, William Carew, Sachin Balaji and Louis McLean. They defeated teams from Westminster, Shrewsbury, Harrow, Berkhamsted and Highgate to reach the Final, where they drew 3 points each with Eton College, to share the title. Under 13s, Caleb Boy and Franklin Baron won the doubles in the Rugby Fives Nationals, and Caleb also went on to win the singles.

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