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13 November - Design Ventura Competition


During Design and Technology lessons at the start of the year, all Year 9 and 10 pupils took part in the Design Ventura competition. Pupils  worked hard to create and develop a product based on the theme of ‘Connect’. They had to then present to their class where one team was selected. These teams visited the Design Museum, attended a workshop after which they pitched to a panel of judges back at school.

The designs were considered for their originality, relevance to the brief, sustainability and economic viability. After a long debate amongst the judges and some tough competition. Team ‘Shmoch’ were put through to represent the school. Congratulations to: Shaun Sanu, Halley Zhu, Oliver Farrell, Hai Duong, Michael Li and Cameron Martine for being entered into the competition with their ‘eeZee Plug design’. Let’s wish them luck and hope their product gets through to the final at the Design Museum.

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