13 May - Year 7 Trip to Boulogne, France.


On Wednesday 23rd May, the whole of Year 7 set off on a great trip to Boulogne, a French town. We had to arrive very early, by 5.30am, but once we had all been put on the correct coaches we started our one-hour journey to the Folkestone terminal. We had a bit of time to spare until our train, so we went to the terminal shop where, not to the teachers’ surprise, a lot of spent their money on sweets and snacks. The teachers managed to encourage us back onto the coaches despite the shopping and we boarded the shuttle train. It took 30 minutes to cross the Channel, and once we drove off we were driving in French countryside. After another 45 minutes we arrived at the seaside town of Boulogne. 

First we climbed the stairs up onto the city walls and ramparts. There we had a spectacular view of the whole town with its narrow streets and old buildings. We carried on walking round until we came to the huge dome of the Basilica of Notre Dame, which we all had to try and draw. Then we went inside the Basilica and the interior was also breath-taking, with its magnificent dome, stunning frescos and a spectacular nave supported by huge Roman pillars.

We then walked down the cobbled streets to the marketplace where we had some free time to do our shopping. We went around using our French speaking skills to make some purchases. We had a great time looking at all the different stalls, and then walked down to the harbour and a beautiful white sandy beach where we ate our lunch.
After lunch we then went to the sea-life centre, Nausicaa, and saw some extraordinary fish and water creatures, and the impressive sharks and beautiful jellyfish. We all ended up at the sea lion show where we saw some sea lions doing amazing tricks. Afterwards, we went to the gift shop where we bought souvenirs. I bought a huge crystal containing a picture of a fish. 

Our last activity was games on the beach, a favourite for everyone, with fierce competition in the football and cricket matches being played on the huge beach. We all had a great time and Harvard were obviously the best at football! Then we sadly had to return to the coach as our amazing trip to Boulogne was nearing its end. We were back at school at 7.30pm, with no problems at passport control or on the motorways. A huge thank you to all the teachers who organised this and thanks too to the coach drivers who also made this trip possible. It was certainly a most enjoyable and memorable day.

By Aaditya Nandwani (Year 7)


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