2 July - Chemistry Olympiad


Congratulations to our many Sixth Form Chemists, who achieved outstanding results in the recent Chemistry Olympiad. Despite conditions of torrential rain, 90 students made the effort to complete the challenging 2-hour paper that requires students to tackle problems that are way beyond the scope of the A level course. Altogether the cohort achieved a haul of 48 certificates – 1 Gold, 17 Silver and 3 Bronze – representing a fantastic achievement. Special mention goes to Toby Clarke for achieving a Gold certificate despite “still not knowing Avogadro’s constant”, and to Seren Ford and Conor Donohoe for coming joint top out of the Year 12 candidates. Tribute should also be made to Shem Braithwaite who, due to a lack of space, gave up his place to take the test, instead allowing another student (who went on to achieve a Silver certificate) to take it in his stead, an example of humility and kindness which should also be celebrated. Congratulations to all students who gave up their time to undertake such a stimulating test of their Chemistry and I hope that Year 12 students will be inspired and encouraged to sign up for the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge on June 20th! 

Toby Clarke

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