11 July - Outdoor Learning Day on Thursday 5 July

Outdoor Learning Day 2018 brought temperatures in the high twenties and a wide variety of subjects taking their lessons out of the classroom into our beautiful school grounds. Thank you to students and staff that took part. 
A flavour of the day is available here, with explanations below of some of the examples of the activities that took place:
In Art it was the perfect opportunity for year 9 students to try ‘hydro-dipping’, allowing them to use expressive gestures to apply paint without worrying about making a mess. 
In Latin 8B acted out the tribal voting of 5th Century democratic Athens.
In Science 8C searched for examples of different types of pollination.
In Computing year 10 students raced against time to complete the computational thinking challenge.
Many English lessons took place outside.
In Geography year 8 students studied the Madagascan Rainforest whilst sitting in the school woods.
In RS year 7 students acted out modern day parables and year 8 students answered questions on Constantine.
In Maths year 7s used trigonometry to estimate the height of the new quad and another class learnt about loci.
A year 10 Maths class had a practical lesson including bearings, distance and speed. 

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