24 Sept - Olavians achieve 2nd place in Space Settlement competition, Florida


Following success at the UK Space Design National Final this March, five members of the Saint Olaves Space Design Team were selected to represent the UK at the 25th Annual International Space Settlement Design Competition at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre. During the competition, with a team consisting of schools from the UK, US, India and Pakistan, we were tasked with the design of the first urban space settlement on the Earth's Moon; contained within a crater, the 'Alaskol' settlement was designed to provide a working and living environment for 18,000 residents in the year 2043. With three days and a team consisting of 60 student engineers, scientists and designers, we presented a 50 slide presentation to be judged and questioned by a panel of space industry professionals. Ultimately, our team achieved second place in the competition, as well as the Best Male Speaker award being given to our team member, Shayne Beeghadur. The project has allowed us to develop our leadership, teamwork and our own personal aspirations. We have formed closer connections with both students from across the world and within our own team. We look forward to continuing with a new team in 2018/19 and are hoping for the best.

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