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1 Oct - Student Clubs, Societies & Other Events


Student Clubs, Societies and other activities that took place last week: 

• Harshdeep Gulati gave a talk on Statistical Bias in Maths Society. 
• Mr Rhit Pratap, an ENT surgeon, visited the school and gave a talk to Medics Society. 
• History Society heard a talk by Jude Collins on: Sweet Enemy – England and France. 
• Vinh Nguyen gave a talk at Political Economy Society on: Chinese Neocolonialism. 
• Practice sessions for the Physics Olympiad and Aptitude Test continued. 
• Zachary Gassem delivered a talk on: How to stop being watched. 
• Bible Study took place in Room 24 
• Contemporary Issues Society discussed: Persecution of Muslims in China–a hidden holocaust. 
• Crest Club met and discussed project ideas. 
• Philosophy Society debated: Should mistakes in your youth affect the rest of your life?

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