30 Nov - German Cinema Trip to the British Film Institute


On Thursday the 29th of November, students in year 12 and year 13 who take German at AS and A-Level respectively visited the BFI in London for a day of learning about German cinema. Conducted mainly in German, students were introduced to the most prevalent social and political themes of German cinema in recent times in the morning, with reference to various film clips. In the afternoon, our students were able to focus in an depth-way on the film they are studying as part of their AS and A-Level course – ‘Das Leben der Anderen’, or, in English, ‘The Lives of Others’. This included a screening of the film with an introduction by a professional from the BFI, and a discussion of the film afterwards. All students were able to take a resource-pack away with them at the end of the day to refer back to in the course of their studies. 

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