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3 Dec - Olavians qualify for National Final UK Space Design Competition


Congratulations to The UKSDC Team who this weekend competed in the biggest, and toughest regional UK Space Design Competition the school has competed in to date. The team took on leadership of their 40 strong company with the roles of President going to Nadiya Ivahnenko, Vice President of Sales and Marketing to James Hayes, Vice President of Engineering to Freddie Skerrett, Head of Human Factors to Gregoire Dostros-Pitei and Head of Automotion to Amro Fadel who were joined by Sophie Bata-Madden, Chrisa Prachalia, William Laver, Oliver Wright-Jones and Eleanor Yuen in their departments. They were also joined by Old Olavian and UKSDC veteran, Shayne Beeghadur as the Company CEO. The teams thorough research and preparation this term served them well as they immersed themselves in their RFP, researching, writing and then giving an excellent presentation. The whole team were able to show off their skills and should be incredibly proud of their win and place in the National Final in March. 


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