‘‘El lenguaje nos ayuda a capturar el mundo, y cuanto menos lenguaje tengamos, menos mundo capturamos’’. Fernando Lázaro Carreter
‘‘Language helps us capture the world, and the less language we have, the less world we capture.’’ Fernando Lázaro Carreter (Spanish linguist)
At St Olave’s Grammar School we are delighted to announce that we will be offering Spanish to our Year 7 and Year 8 cohorts commencing September 2020.
It is no secret that Spanish has become incredibly popular in recent years. Being the second most spoken language in the world, knowing Spanish has become a great asset.
Did you know that there are more native Spanish speakers than there are native English speakers and that there are 20 countries with Spanish as their official language?
Our Scheme of Work has been carefully planned to make sure students:
  • learn about Spanish culture (not only from Spain but from other Spanish-speaking countries)
  • acquire the four key skills (Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking)
  • gain an understanding of phonics and grammar.
In Year 7 students will learn how to:
  • Use the present, imperfect, conditional and future tense, introduce themselves, give basic and detailed opinions, use a variety of question words, describe themselves and others, describe places, give directions, discuss plans for the weekend, compare rural and urban environments, find and use synonyms, talk about their morning routine and daily activities and describe household tasks.
Students will also cover:
  • The difference between ‘ser’ and ‘estar’, adjectival agreement, possessive adjectives classroom language, numbers, colours, family, hobbies, sports, animals, pets, comparatives, free time, the weather, school subjects, telling the time, months and dates, music, and adverbs of frequency.
 In Year 8 students will cover everything mentioned above as well as:
  • Giving opinions on food and drink, negative expressions, ordering food in a restaurant, discussing what makes a healthy diet, discussing health problems and treatment, the imperative, talking about transport and travel, forming the preterit tense, irregular verbs,  using common expressions, describing future holiday plans, discussing the internet and social media, discussing jobs and careers, using reflexive verbs, using direct object pronouns, dealing with problems when shopping, cardinal and ordinal numbers, discussing solutions to global issues, discussing hypothetical situations and understanding different registers.
There will be individualised monitoring to ensure students’ progress as well as regular vocabulary tests and termly IPM assessments. In addition, our Year 8 Fast Track course will cover the content from Year 7 and Year 8 which will enable students to commence GCSE studies in Year 9 should they choose to pursue this course as their GCSE language option. 
Furthermore, the Spanish Department is also planning day trips for the Summer term which will give students the opportunity to be exposed to the Spanish language and culture in a more real-life setting. 
Ms I. Olalde Scott, Spanish teacher