Physical Education

Physical Education makes a rich contribution to a young person’s education due to its development of a pupil’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional abilities. St. Olave’s PE department is strongly committed to developing all of these areas. The over-riding philosophy of the department is that:

Physical Education is a subject that should be enjoyed by all, regardless of ability, and that effort is valued higher than performance.

The following aims of the department underpin all that it undertakes:

  1. Every pupil should leave St. Olave’s wanting to continue in physical activity in some capacity and in some role regardless of level.
  2. Pupils understand how to work as part of a team and as individuals
  3. The principles of fair play, honesty and etiquette towards team-mates, opposition and officials are adhered to and respected
  4. Pupils understand how physical activity can help promote a healthy lifestyle
  5. Pupils understand how to exercise safely and to care for equipment

To facilitate  these aims we offer a broad curriculum that gives pupils opportunities in a variety of activities and roles. Supporting this is a rich extra-curricular programme which caters for pupils of all abilities allowing everyone to further  develop their performance.

For details regarding sports kit and personal protective sports equipment, please click here

Mr A. Kenward 

Director of Sport




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