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Celebrating the work achieved by our amazing students during the current school closure

We are so proud of our Olavians and it gives us great pleasure to share with you some of the amazing work and activities they have been achieving despite the current school closure due to Covid 19:

We were very proud to hear of George O’Connor's efforts (10J) who, over the lockdown period has signed up for the Duchenne dash at home.

Over the course of 5 weeks he is cycling 600km (the distance to Paris and back) to raise money for Duchenne UK.

George has already complete almost 3 weeks of this challenge.

Duchenne Muscular dystrophy is a muscular dystrophy effecting many boys in their teenage years, whose muscles become weaker until they eventually are unable to do anything. Many are unable to walk by 12 and they often only live to see their 20s, no more.

This is a very worthy cause and a fine example of the community spirit our Olavians so often demonstrate.

If you would like to support his fundraising efforts please do so via the following link:  

Well done George. 



 Our Year Year 8s have been busy this week!

Well done to Joshua Fakulujo 8L who has joined many other Olavians in discovering or developing their ability to cook during lockdown!  He has been busy making meat pies and homemade KFC chicken with his sister at home as well as entering writing competitions. Not to be outdone, Shrish Proddaturi has made been making pizza and Raagav Manivannan has been growing plants like potatoes, made Paneer Popcorn and has also built a fully functional PC for himself.



During lockdown, the French Department is maximising the use of the technology available to offer unusual and at times cross-curricular ways of consolidating or exploring further different topics.

In Yr 7, after learning vocabulary on buildings in towns, Ms Gardiner offered her students the opportunity to use Google Maps to do some virtual tourism. This involved choosing a famous building in a French town of their choice and finding the names and addresses on the map of a prescribed list of other buildings or shops. Students completed the table and drew from Google maps, their own labelled maps. The examples pictured are by Hugo Maxwell, together with another piece of work by: Rishabh Murali

In Yr 9, students wrote answers to prescribed questions on the topic of family and relationships. Mrs Saunders asked students to voice over 2 slides in French, after written answers were corrected. This work will be used as revision material for the written and oral papers for GCSE examinations.  Here are three examples by Sean Lee , Tim Obho, and Joshua Mead

In Year 12, students used the and TV5 Monde to read articles about the impact of quarantine on French speaking countries, on various aspects of life and the way that these countries are dealing with returning to normal life. They wrote their own newspaper front page or more, on a focus of their choice. Two fine examples of these are by: Charlotte Kerr  and  Lucy Randall

Well done to Rohan Selva-Radov who has written this excellent creative report below, describing the events in a story we read in Latin. Students were asked to create a report of the events that have unfolded at the recitatio so far in whatever format they chose, for example, a newspaper article or a series of tweets as if they were live tweeting the event.

  • And we are live, here at what has been marketed as the biggest recitatio of the year. Outside, the crowds have gathered, and the excitement is palpable inside this auditorium.
  • Now here comes the man himself, Marcus Valerius Martialis. The crowds fall silent as he enters: this is going to be a good event!
  • Our first poem, we are told, is about Martial’s good schoolfriend Sabidius. How shall Martial praise him for their happy childhood years together?
  • Shocking scenes here in Rome – the audience has descended into chaos with the sudden revelation that Martial doesn’t like Sabidius after all, but cannot say why. More news as we get it.
  • As we report on this rapidly developing story, it seems as though two rival theories have emerged for this confusing turn of events – perhaps Martial himself doesn’t know the reason for his dislike, or alternatively the reason is so horrible that he cannot bear to say it?
  • Moving on now, the audience is eagerly anticipating the second poem, after the earlier false start. This second poem is about Thais and Laecania.
  • Disarray once again here at the Forum Auditorium, as the audience tries to participate in Martial’s recital – interrupting at every opportunity. Martial has now left the stage and begun cursing at the audience. This really is an exciting event!

Our Olavians are continuing to impress us with their ever more diversifying knew skills - Kirollos Mankaruis (8L) has sent in some pictures of his gardening efforts during lockdown.  Rosemary planted a while ago; Mint planted last Spring and Grapevines planted at the beginning of quarantine.







 Dr Abbattista has recently set up a Cookery Club on Teams for staff and students to share pictures, recipes and questions during lockdown.

Congratulations to the first two winners of the baking competition, Athisaran Sivanesan and Aryan Sanka with these two fine cakes!



Connor McMichael has created this Stop Motion Animation to describe his “best friend”.

Connor wrote the script as well as created and edited the video. What a fantastic, creative project!

My_first_Movie C McM.mp4 



Well done to Joshua Miles from 9N who has produced this excellent poster on the Life Cycle of a Star.  Fantastic work!






The following animation has been created by Alex Cockshott (Yr13) who has accepted an unconditional offer to study Computer Animation Technical Arts at Bournemouth University from September 2020 and is preparing for this by teaching himself 3D Animation using Blender software:  - Well done Alex! 


The Political Economy Society ran on Thursday 14th May with Ansh Batura giving a great pre-recorded presentation on the theme of Business Economics, entitled Pricing Strategies and Tactics . The talk can be accessed via the following link:
In addition, Political Economy Society ran a debate on Friday (15th) in collaboration with Environmental Society, on the motion "Is it possible to save the Earth without getting poorer?". The recorded debate can be accessed through the attachment above. Those who took part in this online debate were Ansh Batura, Ishan Kalia, Srij Bera and Rohan Selva-Radov. In addition, thanks to Joshua Selfridge who chared the debate. 

Mark Sanu in year 9 has produced this fantastic Stop Motion Video to describe his ‘best friend’ in German. He can be heard narrating the animation throughout. An excellent creative use of technology and engaging with learning German from Mark!  CLICK HERE to watch.



Meanwhile, Year 10 Germanists who were due to go out to Wilhelmshaven on their exchange in July have been finding other ways to engage with their partners. For example, they translated a series of questions from English into German and have sent these to their partners as a survey to find out how their city has responded to the Coronavirus and how they feel about this.

Well done to Year 7 student, Shaurya Mehta, who created the following rap/battle poem whilst undertaking some creative work based on a book he is reading in English. 











Well done to Year 7 student, Yash Ghanate, who has made this impressive robot during the lockdown.





The Galactic Challenge

This link is the fantastic project that some of our Year 13 Physicists, Sophie Bata-Madden, James Hayes and Nicholas Munro have produced as their entry to the Online Galactic Challenge.  This is a lockdown competition run by the UK Space Design Competition.  A few weeks ago a group of Olavian students were part of the winning team in the (live) Nationals round of this competition. 







A poem by Quasay Dekkoun, Year 8







It is a pleasure to showcase a selection of Y7 and Y10 Latin work from the last few weeks. Y7 have been doing a creative retelling of the final chapter in Book I of Cambridge Latin Course when Vesuvius erupted and also produced a timeline of Roman Britain. Meanwhile Y10 have been translating original Latin poems into English versions.


Latin Poem -  Shaurya Mehta (7L)  ;  Latin poem - Aryan Sanka (7L)  ;   Franklin Baron (Yr 10)

Our Year 8 Olavians have been making great use of their time in between remote learning - this week Joseph cleared out his book cupboard with a view to donating those he no longer wants to charity, whilst Ayan spent approx 5 hours and used over 1000 loom bands to create this fantastic rainbow tribute to the NHS and Frontline workers. Meanwhile others in the year group are clearly enjoying the opportunity to further their cooking skills - Yashas made some very tasty mini Calzones and David tried out some Italian cooking, Pizza yesterday and homemade king prawn cream pasta today! - Well done boys !

  mini calzones


Congratulations to Lasith Siriwardana who recently had an article he wrote for the Olavian Economics Blog, published in the Sri Lankan Sunday Times. It is available to view via the following link:

 Damyan Korada has been learning how to make sushi and went on a quest 

with his mum to find the perfect cookie recipe. (The cookies don't look the best in the picture but they tasted incredible)

He has also taken part in a drawing competition against the other grandchildren in his family. 

The Physics and Engineering Society have been posting weekly on their Instagram various articles, videos, news and facts to replace the talks which would normally take place, and this has increased their following significantly.

They have also started a new series called 'How It Works' where they discuss the physics behind everyday scenarios in short videos. The first episode premiered last week and it was about how footballers score the perfect goal (the curved path of a ball in the air).

This has over 140 views currently! You can see their work by following this link


Young Financial Journalist

Congratulations to Will Lawson who was one of three winners of the Financial Time's Personal Finance Competition  - love learning about money. The competition was organised in partnership with the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF). Will submitted a 700-800 word essay and was one of over 220 students to enter the competition aiming to find the best young personal finance writers in Britain. This is a fantastic achievement for Will who entered the U16s category . 

His entry can be read via the following link:

 Following the success of cooking Corn Frittas last week, Rishi has expanded his culinary expertise to cook his favorite Yasai Katsu Curry today. 

'Just because you're under lockdown doesn't mean your appetite has to be too!'

- we quite agree Rishi!




Year 12 Germanists have been researching artists and art movements, either that they have learnt about over their AS German course, or that they have discovered through their extension reading around the subject.

They have presented their opinions, descriptions, and research as a ‘Moodboard’, examples of which can be found on the school website.

The subjects range from: Bauhaus, Dadaism, to Jugendstil.

More new culinary skills:

Tom Sears 7H has spent most of lockdown completing his schoolwork But he also found time to create an image from the Beano of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher - IN CHOCOLATE!  He gnoshed it soon after - We’re counting it as domestic science!




Wafi Ali of 9K has been inspired by the hard and dedicated work continued by NHS staff and key workers for the wider public good. He together with his brother Eshan Ali has undertaken a number of positive initiatives to support them like a big smiley face in the garden and encouraging messages for the key workers. Alongside the family he has been inspiring neighbours with smiley cards and messages and doing extra prayers for the people who have been through suffering and wider global humanity during these time. - Well done Wafi Eshan.


Co-Curricular Economics - Our Economists have been busy:

Firstly the students are publishing their own Economics Blog which has been a real success. They are putting a few of the articles together in the Olavian Economist Monthly newsletter. The April edition went out today here is the link:

Secondly Political Economy took place today with a great talk on the IMF and its response to the Coronavirus pandemic by Ishan Kalia.

The talk can be accessed below. 

Well done to brothers Arjun (Yr11) & Angad (Yr8) who've been taking part in the #twopointsixchallenge. Their magnificent efforts continue & their current total fundraising is now £963! Help them get over £1,00 by support their efforts via:

MFL Journal

While in quarantine, the final touches to the latest edition of the MFL journal were added.  Its modern finish complements the wide range of articles presented: from ancient Chinese mythology to Catalan poetry, via a pre-Covid 19 exclusive interview with the UK Ambassador to Spain on career opportunities related to studying Modern Languages. Articles were written in a total of 6 languages by passionate 6th formers. Whether you are interested in history, music, human rights or literature, you are bound to find something you enjoy reading.

You can access this journal here:

Congratulations to Alfie who, despite lockdown, has entered the SYOS (Shape Your Own Sound) Challenge. SYOS is a Paris-based saxophone and clarinet mouthpiece company who have set ten musical challenges over the past twenty four days. Some of Alfie’s entries are on his daily saxophone website ( It was an international competition for all ages and Alfie was the winner!






Year 10 Germanists in Frau Probodziak’s class have been learning about typical German food and talking about their own eating preferences. Students have been making the most out of the technology available to them to create presentations of themselves describing a photo of a particular dish they feel strongly about. This required them to record themselves talking in German and embedding this into a PowerPoint slide.

Listen to their work  HERE (follow instructions on first slide to listen to each recording) 

Meanwhile the Year 9 Germanists in Frau Probodziak’s German classes have been learning about describing relationships within the family. They have been learning new vocabulary to identify family members and to describe their personalities.They too recorded themselves talking in German about a family of their choice to describe the relationships between the family members and embedded these recordings into a PowerPoint slide to create a presentation.

Listen to their work HERE (follow instructions on first slide to listen to each recording

Year 8 Feeback from Ms Lands: I have been very impressed with the work produced by Year 8 pupils. They have really adapted to the new methods of working. As always, I thoroughly enjoying hearing of the boy’s achievements above and beyond the curriculum and this is even more true during these unusual circumstances. Please continue to email me with information of such successes, and if you can, please attach a photo. Here are just a few of the highlights thus far from Year 8: Rishi 8L – has been developing his cooking skills and making baby corn fritters Elliott 8L – has been helping his dad refurbish a chair; Raunak 8C – has been independently developing his CAD skills using Fusion 360; Alfie 8L – started the Daily Saxophone Project. Check it out: ;Yiming 8H – has been playing the Violin on a Thursday during Clap for Carers; Shaun 8B – has been developing his culinary skills and made a crème caramel (see pic below); Aashman 8B – has been developing his Badminton skills; Yong 8B – has been playing Chess; Kirollos 8L – has been doing some gardening; Arjun 8L – has walked/ran over 100km on his treadmill; Aryan 8L – recommends reading ‘Bird Box’ by Josh Malerman.#


On an academic note here are a few highlights. Well done to the following students: Ewan, Jawad and Denis have received praise for excellent work from Science on the theme of ‘Recycling’ (see pics below) Oleg, Pranav, Ruben, Yong, Garv, Inosh, Jiachen, Sami, Sandy, Yashas, Alex, Izaaz, Koby, Vrishank, all received praise from their Latin teachers for work submitted this week. A number of students received praise from Geography: 8L - Alfie, Srithan, Raphael, Garv, Jason, Nico, Rishi, Keshav, Karresh, Vatsalya and Krishna. 8C - Angad, Jed, Nam, Ayaan, Kishon, Sashwat and Dennis. 8B - Ewan, Aashman, Bright, Timothee, Sharukesh, Sai, Athi, Denis and Matthew. Bomi, Praneel, Sam, Sandy, Adi and Freddie achieved 80% or higher in the ‘Glaciation’ Knowledge Test for Geography. 

Classics Society and Economics Society Joint Talk

The History Society met today, with members from Year 7 upwards. Edward Foxhall (Year 12) led a talk on the evacuation of Dunkirk. Pupils were asked to watch clips of the film before hand and the discussion centred on the history of the events. Edward then answered questions on the topic. The whole meeting was shared on Microsoft Teams and recorded for all pupils who missed it.

Next week the History Society joins with Feminism Society to discuss the Suffragettes and debate their impact in history.  In preparation for this debate, pupils may wish to read the following article from Dr Fern Riddell

All pupils are welcome to join us on Tuesday 5th May at 1pm. To do so they should contact a member of the History department for the Team code.

These are some screenshots of our meeting today!


Year 12 Germanists have done a virtual tour of the East Side Gallery in Berlin through their remote learning. They have been analysing the artwork on display, understanding the background of the artists, and building an interpretation of the Gallery as a “place of memory” for all people.

Ms Difford has received some great examples from 8B of their Science homework this week - well done, especially to  Ewan Butterworth, Jawad Uddin and Denis Tekingunduz who submitted these pieces on Recycling:

Well done to Shaun in Year 8 who, like many other Olavians, has been expanding his culinary skills during school closure resulting in a delicious creme caramel !

In Biology, Sixth Form students have been creating mind maps on various topics, including Dreams and The Brain:

In DT, Elliott has been helping his Dad repair furniture and Raunak has been developing his CAD skills using Fusion 360:

In Physics, Year 9 student, Wafi has been working on essays about Space, including research on Galaxies, Stars and Black Holes. Here is the opening to one of his essays:

In Mathematics, Mr Savage, Mr Ashford and their Y11 Maths classes have been exploring some aspects of the AQA Core Maths qualification (Level 3) including back of envelope calculations (aka Fermi estimation) to determine, roughly, how many dentists are there in Bristol and how many piano tuners are there in London. This is having already finished the Free Standing Maths Qualification!

In Computer Science - Many thanks to everyone who was able to participate in the (highly disrupted!) Perse Coding Team Challenge Round 2 2020. Due to unprecedented circumstances following the spread of COVID 19, unfortunately only 11 teams from St Olave’s Grammar School were able to make an entry at such short notice. I am very pleased to share the outstanding results achieved by students, which includes six Distinctions, five Merits and three Higher Participation Certificates. St Olave’s Grammar school has been ranked in the top ten performing schools nationally once again this year. A huge congratulations to all students who qualified for Round 2 and they will shortly receive an electronic copy of their Certificate from Mrs Zeshan via email.

The PE Department are running an online Twitter voting system to decide the ‘St Olave’s 1st XV team of the decade.’ After careful discussion and deliberation between coaches, past and present, they eventually narrowed each position down to include four players. Each day will include a different position and the person with the most votes will be selected into our ultimate ‘St Olave’s 1st XV team of the decade.’ The aim is a simple one, to reconnect Olavians past and present, which hopefully rekindles some great memories for all. Please see the St Olave’s rugby Twitter account - @saintolavesRUGBY1 for more details.

Well done and thank you to Year 8 student, Yiming, who played “You raise me up” on the violin to his neighbours during the #ClapForTheNHS and key workers last night.







This beautiful periodic table island was created recently by Year 12 student, Sarah, after reading 'The Periodic Table' by Peter Atkins.