School Uniform

St. Olave's School Uniform is available to purchase from Graduates Schoolwear.


Graduates Schoolwear: Tel: 01689 821439. 201 High Street, Orpington, Kent BR6 0PF

Graduates are able to supply the full range of St. Olave’s uniform requirements subject to the availability of stock at any particular time. The Parents' Association also hold regular Second Hand Uniform sales. Please see the School Uniform Policy on our School Policies page.

A uniform evening for the new Year 7's joining us in September, will be held at school in the preceeding May. 

Information relating to Nearly new/Second hand uniform sales run by our PA and Lost property is available here 

Sports' Kit

There are five compulsory sports kit items that must be purchased: Rugby shirts, rugby shorts, rugby socks, House Polo shirts & gym shorts. With the exception of these five items, kit may be purchased from other sources.

Pupils will be able to purchase their sports’ kit directly from the Graduates shop in Orpington High Street or via their website.

St. Olave’s cricket kit can now also be purchased from Graduates. Please note that these are not compulsory items – pupils can wear their current PE kit for summer sports, but many pupils who represent the school at cricket choose to purchase these items. They will be stocking cricket trousers, shirts and short-sleeved jumpers with the school logo embroidered onto them.

Change to the school crest on the school blazer and PE kit. 

Following the introduction of the new School Crest  this year, please be aware that the timings will be different for each of these pieces of uniform.

The new school crest will be available on school blazers from the end of the Spring Term 2020. This will mean that all blazers bought from this time from our suppliers ‘Graduates’ will have the new crest incorporated.

If you need to purchase a new blazer before the end of the Spring Term 2020 either due to your son growing out of their blazer or to damage, please do contact the school or ‘Graduates’ as a temporary arrangement can be found whilst we move over to the new crest. We would expect that all students in Year 7 to Year 11 will therefore be wearing the blazer bearing the new crest from September 2021.

The new school crest will be available on PE kit from the end of the Spring Term 2021. The different timing from the blazer is needed due to the amount of PE kit ‘Graduates’ currently stock with the old crown and axe crest. Therefore, only new PE kit purchased from the end of the Spring Term 2021 will have the new school crest incorporated. All PE kit bought before the end of the Spring Term 2021 will have the old crown and axe as a crest. We are aware that due to the lifespan of the PE kit, it would seem short-sighted that kit which had been bought a few years earlier and still fits students can no longer be used. Therefore, there will be some flexibility about old PE kit being used, although we expect all students will be using PE kit with the new school crest from September 2022. It is hoped that phasing this in will assist with the financial implications of a change and please do get in touch with the school if this is a concern.

Full details of Graduates products, services, prices, location and contact information can be found on their website


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