Help for Students and Guidance for Parents/Carers During School Closure due to Coronavirus - is available below and Here

Student support during school closure during the Coronavirus Pandemic

We are tremendously proud of how you are adapting to the current situation and want to remind you that your safety and wellbeing remains a top priority for everyone at St. Olave’s Grammar School.
Please don't forget that Your Form tutors and the pastoral team are still able to provide pastoral support to you and should be you first point of contact for non-subject specific concerns. Contact details are set out in the bullet points below -  Please remember to include your full name and form group to ensure the message reaches the intended recipient.
In addition to the pastoral support structures common to all year groups (of Form Tutor, Head of Year and Assistant Headteacher), the School has other avenues of pastoral support. The School's Chaplain, School Counsellor, and Safeguarding Team can offer additional  support and advice for students facing a range of difficulties.
  • Pupils needing to contact staff with regard subject specific queries can do so here.  
  • Pupils needing to contact the Pastoral Team can do so here 
  • Pupils are also reminded that our Safeguarding and Wellbeing pages offer a variety of support, guidance, resources and contacts for external agencies such as Childline.





In addition to the general Childline helpline mentioned above and on our Safeguarding page, The Education Matters Website contains further advice and support, which can be accessed via the following links:

We are aware some Olavians are having difficulties accessing MOODLE due to the unpresedented increase in its' use..please be patient and if you find you cannot access MOODLE, leave it for a while before trying again.  In the meantime please also use your Office 365 Teams and school emails accounts.  

Students must ensure they look at their Year Group’s “Unexpected School Closure” course on MOODLE for work to be completed. Some staff may leave messages within MOODLE which direct students to go to Microsoft Teams for information on work to be completed. Work will be published by 9:30am on the first day of closure. Student are expected to check for updates and to check their school email accounts and Microsoft Teams regularly.

There are some additional resources below that you may also find helpful. We will update you when we receive information about the school reopening. In the mean time - keep up the good work, wash your hands frequently, stay at home, and stay well!


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